2016 Year in Review

2016:  A year in review

2016 has been one for the books!! Between celebrating One Year in business, moving to the countryside (!!!!!!!), joining my husband as he pursues his dreams, grooming oodles of doggies and keeping up with daily life in general, my heart is full as I write this post.  Full of joy yes, but there is also a hint of sadness in there; let me explain:

You see, The following images and stories below are only a few of the many individuals that I have had the honor of working with. I have been changed by these people and I am so thankful for them to allow me into their lives.  You're probably still wondering, why the sadness?? - My heart breaks because I was too focused on achieving "blog-post perfection" to share these stories with you as they happened.   Yeah, life was busy (it always is by the way - we need to stop using that word....) and there was always something more "urgent" demanding my attention, but honestly, I was afraid to admit that I was learning.  

The silly thing is that when I scroll through this post, I was amazed by how much growth has happened this  year.  If you would have asked me in January of 2016 if I'd feel "comfortable" flying across the country for a wedding workshop, selling beautifully printed products or going part-time to make room for my photography business, I would have thought that you were crazy!! But it all happened and I can't wait for 2017.  No more keeping these photos to myself, they were meant to be shared :) Many, many more blog posts to come!

Looking ahead to the new year, I will be adding family lifestyle portrait sessions to my list of services so if you're looking to update your family photos, I'd love to hear from you! 

Here we go!!

Brit mccoy: bridal portraits

Early in the year as I was looking to build my bridal portfolio, Brit graciously volunteered to put on her gown again and step in front of my camera.  Shooting at The Lageret in Stoughton was an added bonus and I am continually thankful for all the encouragement that has followed me throughout the year. Brit is doing some amazing things with her amazing Company Homestead Designs! Take a minute to check out her beautiful floral + backyard designs!

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Walk though a wedding workshop - New haven, CT

Holy cow, talk about a life-changing experience!! In April, I had the wonderful opportunity to learn from the incredible Justin and Mary Marantz at one of their Walk-Through-A-Wedding Workshops.  I've met some beautiful friends and stepped waaay outside my "comfort zone".  Justin and Mary organized 2 gorgeously styled shoots for us that challenged us as photographers to use some really challenging light to our advantage.  Bonus: our models were so amazing (and gorgeous!).  You can follow the beautiful and talented Whitney here 

Adriana + Chris: A lesson in slowing down

I first met Adriana late last year at a Tuesday's Together gathering in Madison, WI and have really enjoyed getting to know her over the past year.  Since we were both relatively new to the photography business, we quickly found many things in common and I've really enjoyed watching her business grow too! Even though the UW-Madison Arboretum was teeming with tons of photographers doing their own sessions, Adriana and Chris completely soaked in the opportunity to enjoy each other in front of my camera. Aren't they lovely?!? You can see Adriana's work and follow her here. 

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heena + Matt: Joyful

These two!! My cheeks hurt from smiling as I looked back at their session trying to pick out a few of my favorites!! Since Heena and Matt were planning their wedding back home in Korea, they wanted to document their time spent at UW-Madison for their engagement session! I had the time of my life wandering around Madison with them, sharing stories and looking forward to their new life ahead. They had a beautiful wedding in July and I wish them many happy years ahead!

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Shoshanna + Alex: They trusted me first

Shoshi and Alex, thank you for trusting me to document your wedding day and for putting your faith into my new business!! Your day was incredibly special and you made my first solo wedding so much fun to shoot!

Jamie: this girl knows where she's going

I really admire the way Jamie's confidence and drive emerged during her senior session on UW-Madison's campus.  WIthout a doubt, Jamie will do great things for her community and our Country.  She has enlisted in the Army National Guard as a health care specialist and hopes to pursue a career in medicine! 

Nadean: time really does fly

When I saw Nadean's name pop up in my inbox, I couldn't believe how fast the years had gone by! I first met this beautiful young lady many years ago and it was so much fun to see the kind, intelligent young woman that she has become! Nadean plans on pursuing a career in the sciences and as a fellow biology-lover myself, I can't wait to see where her degree takes her!

janett: quiet confidence

What a treat it was to work with Janett! This talented gal was such a natural behind the camera and I really enjoyed chatting with her about her plans for the future.  After graduating this Spring, Janett plans on pursing a career with the Aveda institute and based on her gorgeous make-up from her session, I'd say she'll be a perfect fit for the program!

seren: you are cool, teach me your ways!!

Oh Seren, this session was one I'll never forget! Not only did she have the COOLEST locations picked out but her style and outfit selection made her senior session full of her bubbly personality! We had a blast that evening and I am so happy that she will be able to enjoy her printed photographs for the many generations to come!

Tuesday's Together: we all want to connect

At the beginning of 2016, I knew that I wanted to connect with more creatives in Madison but let's be real folks: putting yourself out there (even as a "grown-up") is hard! Our local Tuesday's Together chapter has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know more folks like me and I'd love for you to check out their work too!

Elise of Wild Mulberry Photography + Samantha of Dutcher Photography + Carly of Sprout Studio and Brooke of NCGH

John + Hannah: I can't wait

I absolutely love my couples: genuine, down-to-earth and full of joy! Hannah and John are no different and I am excitedly counting down the days to their February Wedding! It will be here before we know it :)

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Erik + Kaci: everything comes together

Erik and Kaci's October wedding was full of color, tons of family and friends and only a few rain clouds :) It was such a special treat to photograph their day and I was equally excited to create a custom heirloom album for them! I absolutely love designing and delivering tangible ways to enjoy photographs and I know they will cherish it for the many happy years ahead of them!

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second shooting: thankful

I have had the privilege of shooting with some of Wisconsin's most wonderful creatives and I am so appreciative for the opportunity to learn from them and experience all sorts of gorgeous weddings!  

Thank you to these amazing photographers for allowing me to join you!! Stephanie Heft + Brandy BengstonJen Dederich

october 25th: I love this man

Where would I be with out this guy? My wonderful husband Ryan is without a doubt, the greatest gift I've ever received and I am incredibly blessed to have his support and encouragement as we walk together through life.  We celebrated 2 years of marriage this October and our marriage continues to be the source of my strength and inspiration! I love you baby! 

Many thanks to the incredible Maison Meredith Photography for our amazing wedding + anniversary photographs!

the ryan mcgrath band: what else i do in my freetime

If I can take a proud wife moment for a minute, I'd like to share a bit about my husband and his awesome band! I've been lucky enough to travel with them (both as a photographer and fan :) and I am continually inspired by them as they grown in musicianship.  As a country-blues band, they are quickly becoming recognized for their original music and sound.  

This year I've had a blast watching them perform at places like Lambeau Field and Lucas Oil Stadium before a Colts game! As you can image, photographing live shows is very different from shooting a portrait session but I love the new challenges that it brings! 

Head here to catch an upcoming show by The Ryan McGrath Band and to learn more about their latest CD release!

if you've made it to the end.....

Thank you for taking the time to check out the highlights of this year! I wish you and your loved ones the very best in 2017 and I'd love to hear what's in store for you!