Celebrating One Year in Business!! | Business + Personal | all the good things

Holy Cow!!! I can't believe that it has already been one AMAZING year of business with Collections by Kari Anne.  I can honestly say, I have been beyond blessed in meeting many wonderful people though my photography ventures and am so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you that have built me up on this fantastic journey!!! The first few weeks of June have always been particularly special to me but this year, we have so much to celebrate! Let me just name a few of the wonderful things happening this year (well, this week really :) Pardon the list; somehow, my analytical brain just seems to work best this way....

Lavender Detail Inspiration | Personal | Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

If you've been following me for a bit, you've realized by now that I am CRAZY about light + airy detailed wedding shots.  The past few days have given me lots of time to be creative and find new ways to challenge and inspire myself. 

Photography Challenge | Personal | My Why


Week 1: A Self-Portrait - My "Why" as a Photographer 

As an artist + an entrepreneur, it is incredibly important that we understand why we do what we do.  It sounds simple, but stopping to think about why I want to spend my days as a photographer ultimately gives me all the tools that I need to deliver the best possible experience to my clients + have a fulfilling creative career. As artists, we know this definition will change over time as we grow and develop, but there is only one way to find out and it begins with simply STARTING SOMEWHERE.  

The truth is, I've been afraid to blog personally over the past several months in fear that people wouldn't understand; that my thoughts would appear foolish to others.  This incredibly powerful emotion of fear has prevented so many people (like me) from doing amazing things and I can't stand being in that place anymore.  So here goes; enjoy my "Why" as a photographer and if you're ready to move beyond fear and live a life that you've only ever dreamed of, I'd love to hear about it! Please contact me and let's do this together :)

I love authentic marriage; not a marriage about wedding details, the dress or party favors (don't get me wrong, those things are amazing and I LOVE photographing them), I value the INTENT behind those favors.  I adore couples who love each other through thick and thin; but also want to create a beautiful experience for all of their guests.  I want to meet you; I want to hear ALL about your relationship and your marriage. If this sounds like you, I would be honored to document the beginning of the most incredible years of your life. 

I'm starting a photography challenge over the next year. To grow. To dream. To learn more about the art of mastering light.  Join along with me: I'd love to follow your journey! www.dogwoodphotography.com || #dogwood52




Hi Everyone,

It is a beautiful (yet intimidating) thing to share your feelings with the rest of the world.  Now that this post is going to be the first post among many future posts, I feel it necessary to tell you how I got into all this photography business...

There is something untouchable about a couple in love; the way they look at each other, the way his voice softens when a husband of 60 years speaks about his wife.  The things she does everyday for him to make him comfortable, without even thinking twice.  Those everyday moments to them, are PERFECT and are a pure testament to what love is really all about.

The love that I am speaking of, belongs to my beautiful Grandparents.  Last Summer, when starting a photography business seemed silly and impossible, I took my camera over to Grandma's and snapped a few quick photos of the two of them in their backyard.