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Ryan + Kari McGrath

 Once upon a time, I thought my life would be filled with biological research, scientific papers and chasing all sorts of wildlife around the country.  Unfortunately for this science-nut, I simply couldn't keep my creative side cooped-up any longer!  After graduating from Montana State University-Bozeman, I began an apprenticeship grooming dogs (I guess I did kind of end up chasing wildlife then...), married my amazing husband Ryan, and stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship with a camera and big dreams for the future.  

From the moment I get to know someone, I have an intense desire to uncover what makes them tick; what sparks joy, what motivates each and every person.  I believe we're all so used to being around ourselves that we need a gentle nudge from time to time, to remember that we all have CRAZY amazing gifts to share with the wold. 

I'd be silly if I didn't share a bit more this amazing man next to me.  Above all things photography-related, my marriage is hands-down the best part of my life. I am constantly learning, amazed + challenged by my husband and probably wouldn't have started this business if it weren't for him.  

So now that you know a little more about me, I'd love to hear your story (and if I'm lucky), help you remember a small slice of it through beautiful imagery.  From beautifully-styled weddings to the everyday moments in your home, I love them all. 

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We live a simple farmhouse life in Southern Wisconsin and have recently welcomed the newest member of our family: a vizsla puppy named Nacho! As you can see, he is quite the cutie and he gives us more entertainment that we bargained for.