Riley Collins | Senior | Oregon High School | A Union Road Train Session


Introducing: Riley

This summer has been full of so many fantastic young seniors and I cannot get over how genuinely kind and creative they all have been! That being said, Riley's session has definitely topped the charts!! When Riley and I met to plan his senior shoot, he mentioned searching for a train that frequently passes through Oregon from time to time. Needless to say, I was really excited for the chance to shoot in this new and awesome location: Great idea Riley!!! :)

Riley was so much fun to work with and we had a blast finding the best places around the train (which may or may not have included climbing on top of it; my favorite part!!!). I think we definitely confused many of the cars that passed us during his session..... This dapper young man is ready to head off to college next year to take on the world and I know that he'll make the most of this new opportunity.

Riley, thank you for a super fun and adventurous session and I hope you have a blast getting ready to kick off your senior year!