Kjetil Odden | Senior | Oregon High School | At-Home Session

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Introducing: Kjetil

If you've followed the blog for a while then you know that one of my favorite places to shoot a session is at the home of my clients! Kjetil's senior shoot was so fun + relaxing and I absolutely loved doing his senior photos at his beautiful Oregon home!

Since I'd never met Kjetil until our session began, I was really excited to get to know this down-to-earth, genuinely happy guy :)  We had a great time exploring all sorts of great spots near his backyard and he was super easy to work with; he just naturally fell into every pose that I gave him! On a side note: I have to give a shout out to all of you fantastic athletes that have to balance a crazy practice schedule and then are able to rock an amazing senior session;  you guys are awesome!! Kjetil arrived straight from soccer practice and then dove right into shooting; what a champ!

Kjetil is one stellar guy: he is planning on pursuing a career in chemistry or physics (so cool!!) after he finishes up his senior year.  But for now, he plans on enjoying this upcoming year with lots of soccer and hanging out with his friends! Thank you so much Kjetil for a fantastic senior session and have an amazing final year of high school!