Adam + Clair | Engaged | A Classy Downtown Madison Engagement + Picnic Point

If there is anything I love more than amazing brides (and fall colors), it's getting to meet the incredible men that they are going to call husbands!!  Having known Clair for several years (we worked together at Camp Gray!), I knew that Adam would be just as wonderful as she was!

Since both of them are UW-Madison alumni, we thought it only fitting that their engagement session should start at our lovely State Capitol Building.  It finally felt like Fall on that chilly afternoon but that didn't stop them one bit!  I loved listening to Adam recount their engagement story which took place on the beautiful El Camino in Spain.  As you’ll see later on, he actually wore her ring on his Crucifix necklace for the entirety of his journey and at the end, gave it to this special lady!!

I give these two major credit for all the of work they’re putting in to prepare for their new life together.  Having experienced long-distance myself, I truly admire their commitment to spending as much time together as they can, even if there is a fair bit of driving involved :) 

It will be worth it you guys, I promise!! I will never forget just how glorious it felt to finally look at each other as husband and wife realizing that we would NEVER have to go through long-distance again.  BEST FEELING EVER - and I am overjoyed that Adam and Clair will get to experience that same feeling soon!

Clair + Adam: I cannot wait to celebrate with you two next June and it will be here before we know it!!

For now, enjoy just a few of my favorites from their session!