Shoshanna + Alex | An Organic DIY Wedding in Mazomanie, WI

You know the feeling you get when you meet someone whom you know, is genuinely, down-to their-core-good? That's exactly the way I felt the first time I was met with these two lovebirds to talk about their upcoming wedding.  From the very first email that we exchanged, I knew that Shoshi and Alex were different and I couldn't wait to hear their story! 

They first met during their studies at UW-Madison and continued their journey together, literally, all over the world; Shoshi studying herbal traditions and Alex continuing his ethnobotany research.  On a personal note: as someone who can barely keep a cactus alive (embarassing, I know), I have so much admiration for their knowledge and understanding of the natural world.    

Their wedding was a celebration of many, many cultures and traditions, Shoshanna's family even flew in from Japan to witness their marriage! It was such a pleasure to talk to their friends and family who had traveled from all over the country to join their wedding day. From their gorgeous tented-reception, to their scrumptious home-cooked meal (Shoshi's Mother was the mastermind cook behind it all), it was perfectly clear that many hands had gone in to making their day one-of-a-kind.  

Shoshi has the such contagious joy (not to mention her equally contagious laugh :) and my heart felt so full as I listened to friends and family gush about her all afternoon! Alex's quiet admiration of his new bride and his appreciation for all of those gathered near was so very evident thoughout the day and it was so incredibly special to watch these two humbly enjoy each and every person that was there that day.  

So.... without further delay, please enjoy some of my favorites! 

My biggest congratulations to you Alex and Shoshanna and many blessings on many, joyous years ahead!

-Kari Anne