Joel + Kelly | Engaged | A Picnic Point Engagement in Madison, WI

Introducing: the future Mr. + Mrs. Yaeger!!!

Boy oh boy am I excited to share this amazing couple with you 'cause it's my BABY SISTER who is getting married!! Being able to step into the most intimate moments with my clients is an unbelievable privilege but there are no words to describe how it felt to capture my sister's engagement on camera :) 

Let me begin by saying that her future hubby is amazing! Joel has always been the perfect compliment to Kelly and I am so very excited to welcome him into our family.  Needless to say, when I saw that text message pop up on my screen:

" Hey Kari, do you have time for a quick phone call? It's top secret....", 

I lost it (in a good way) and Ryan and I began celebrating the special event that was about to unfold a few days later.  I have to apologize to Kelly for being a tad dodgy on the phone that week.  I am TERRIBLE at holding surprises in (google SNL's Surprise Sue, if you want to get an idea of what this look like in real life) and I knew that I would crack if we continued our weekly phone calls pretending nothing was different :) 

Finally Thursday came and Ryan and I found the perfect spot at Picnic Point.  Although we may have looked like creepy stalkers and we MAY have broken into the champagne a bit early, I couldn't wait to see those two walking down the path.  The moment came, Joel did amazing (Kelly said YES by the way) and I cannot be happier to celebrate these two! We enjoyed an amazing dinner at Rockhound Brewery and all of the wedding planning has commenced!!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do and thank you Joel for letting us be there! Also, thanks to my sweet husband Ryan for dealing with all of my test shots :)