Tom + Julie Pietras | A delightful Anniversary Session in Downtown Belleville

Introducing: Tom + Julie

I don't think I'm going to have enough space on this blog post to tell you just how fantastic these two are!!  And as if getting to hang out with them on a beautiful fall night wasn't enough, I was also lucky enough to document just how good 25 years of marriage looks on these two lovebirds!

Although Tom + Julie "officially" celebrated their anniversary this past August, I think holding out for some beautiful fall foliage was definitely worth the wait :)  

T + J first met each other at a Halloween party and have not looked back since :)  When I asked Julie about their proposal, she simply smiled as she told about the word puzzle that Tom had created for her, leaving only the words "Will you marry me?" remaining at the end.  Tom your inventiveness was WAY ahead of it's time; such a creative way to propose!

It was such a pleasure to watch these two love, laugh + embrace each other from behind my camera and their joy was so downright contagious that I caught myself smiling practically the entire time that I spent editing their session! One of my favorite things about these two is the way they look at eachother, when the other isn't looking : ) It just doesn't get any better than seeing the way that Tom happily looks at his beautiful bride of 25 years!

Thank you so much for letting me celebrate with you two and Congratulations on 25 years of marriage!