Nate Ironmonger | Senior | Oregon High School | Downtown Stoughton


Introducing: Nate

Over the past few months, I have had SO MUCH fun looking for original + unique locations for my Senior Sessions and my time with Nate is definitely one of my favorite shoots yet! I have had my eye on the Firehouse in Downtown Stoughton for a while and I just knew that Nate + his style would be the perfect fit for it!

Even though we were only within a few-hundred feet of the Fire Station, I loved finding all the best nooks and crannies of Stoughton's back alleys and Nate made them look even better!  If you've been with me on a shoot, you know that I will stop everything to capture a great shot if the if moment is right; wherever I may find it : ) Nate was such a sport, even after two-a-day football practices, he still was willing to stop anywhere that I found and I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

Nate has plans to pursue a career in actuarial sciences following his graduation from Oregon High School and I know that he will do so many wonderful things in the future!

Enjoy your Senior Year Nate and thanks for letting me have so much fun in one of my favorite locations! You ROCKED it :)