Johnny McGrath | Oregon High School | A Hometown Urban Senior Session

Introducing: Johnny

I have been waiting for this shoot for a long time :) Today's session is very dear to me because I can't believe that my youngest brother-in-law is finally a Senior! Johnny McGrath is one fantastic guy, folks and I had so much fun capturing this energetic, genuine and amazingly-talented young man from behind my camera :)

Johnny and I go waaaay back and it is truly my privilege to be counted among the McGrath's! For as long as I can remember, Johnny has always been there: with a silly joke, a great story or ready to listen; this guy is as good as it comes!

I've had my eye on a few particularly awesome spots in Stoughton and I knew that Johnny was just the guy to knock them out of the park! I had so much fun laughing with Johnny and hearing all about his latest creative writing + adventures (which are really awesome by the way)! In addition to rocking his position at Marcus Theaters, Johnny plans on spending his senior year enjoying great times with friends and looking towards the future!

Johnny plans to pursue a career in which he can utilize all of his super-creative abilities to the max!  As a fellow artist myself, this is so refreshing and exciting to watch!! I have all the confidence in the world that he has big things ahead of him; I've never met anyone with such a big heart.

Thank you so much Johnny for a wonderful senior session; I am so excited for everything that lies ahead of you!  Thanks for being a great brother-in-law too! : )