Hi Everyone,

It is a beautiful (yet intimidating) thing to share your feelings with the rest of the world.  Now that this post is going to be the first post among many future posts, I feel it necessary to tell you how I got into all this photography business...

There is something untouchable about a couple in love; the way they look at each other, the way his voice softens when a husband of 60 years speaks about his wife.  The things she does everyday for him to make him comfortable, without even thinking twice.  Those everyday moments to them, are PERFECT and are a pure testament to what love is really all about.

The love that I am speaking of, belongs to my beautiful Grandparents.  Last Summer, when starting a photography business seemed silly and impossible, I took my camera over to Grandma's and snapped a few quick photos of the two of them in their backyard.   

What happened next changed my life forever (although I didn't realize it at the time).  In front of my camera, my Grandparents taught me everything that I needed to know about love.  Yes, I definitely didn't see all the years, filled with both joys and struggles that brought them to that point, but I didn't need to.  The way that they looked at each other said it all. I've seen them look at each other that way my whole life, but seeing it from behind my camera changed everything.

On a side note (for all you photographers out there): the thing that makes me really smile is that since I had just started using my camera, all the images shot were shot in JPEG (oops) .  Although I was shooting in manual mode, somehow those pictures turned out just perfectly. (Note to all beginners: please ensure that you are shooting in RAW format!!).

I like to think of that day as the perfect mistake; not only because I learned that that I needed to learn a bit more about my camera settings, but because when we laid Grandpa to rest less than a year later; my decision to take a few snapshots of them was one of the best I'd ever made!!

Life is too short to pursue anything less than your craziest dreams; thank you for following me as I pursue mine.



I can only imagine what Grandpa said to get her to laugh like that!

I challenge YOU to wait for a love as perfect as this :)