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I'm so glad you've stuck around long enough to get to know a bit more about me.  This is good. Hopefully I can keep you around for just a bit longer :)

Hi! I'm Kari and I'm a lover of puppies, scented candles and doughnuts.  Most days you can usually find me behind my computer, editing photos and devising schemes to create new businesses all over the world.  I'm a photographer/dog groomer/over-thinker fueled by Jesus, authentic moments and LOTS of coffee.  


That bio makes me feel a bit queasy.... Now that that cheesiness is out of my system, let's try this again: 

Hey, I'm Kari and am scared to death to actually post my real thoughts online.  That stuff about candles and doughnuts is totally true, however, what I really meant to say is that I would literally follow anyone into a suspicious van if that person told me there was a bucket of puppies inside (sorry Mom, you tried).  I desperately want to feel like a gentle, composed woman, but I'm much happier when I can exercise my sarcastic side and enjoy quality conversation. 

I actually really love Jesus and I my Catholic faith is most definitely the guiding voice in my life. My greatest fear is that I'll reach the end of my life with all of my ideas but no action behind any of them.  I guess this site is a start....

Of all the guilty pleasures, my favorite is hibernating on a Friday night with my husband and a bottle (or two) of red wine. 

Well there you have it! Let's continue on shall we?

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Marriage : Hard Work , Tons of Fun , Totally Worth It .

Being a wife has been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences that I've known. As high-school sweethearts, we've had the awesome opportunity to grow-up together and we've gotten the chance to walk with one another through ALL of the ups and downs of life.  It's only been a few years but I'd like to think we've learned a thing or two along the way.


For the love of dogs!

After graduation, I (more-or-less) stumbled into the world of dog grooming and have fallen in love with it ever since!  Be sure to follow along on Instagram for my latest grooming adventures.  Although we don't have a dog of our own yet, I still get my puppy fix! 

Choose your own adventure: 


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